Baby Hand & Foot Print Mold Pad

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This ink pad achieves a highly detailed black print of your little one's hand or foot without ink ever getting on the baby's skin! Absolutely no mess! Now you will always be able to remember how little your baby's piggies were.


  • CREATING LASTING MEMORIES - Start creating lasting memories while keeping everything nice and spotless. Baby handprint & footprint ink pads help you create a special memory of your baby's handprint and footprint to cherish for a lifetime.

  • 100 SAFE GUARANTEE: This inkless pad guarantees no traces on the baby’s tiny hands or cute little feet to clean off. No more using clay for baby prints. Our mothers simply love it enough to recommend it to all their mom friends.

MULTIPLE USE: Create a variety of art projects and other fun crafts with your pet's help; two-time use maximum and works best on small, large-sized dogs, and all cats.


  1. Great commemorative gifts for parents to record their children's growth.
  2. Material technology: high-tech anti-cross infection, disposable pad.
  3. Baby hands don't need to contact the ink and can obtain a clear footprint, without any security risks.
  4. No pollution: Use a special production process, leaving clear, real, and long-term preservation.
  5. Effective prevention of lead and chemical stimuli and prevention of cross-infection of the virus.

Package Includes:

1*Printing Oil

2* Sheets of Paper

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